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      Our Mission

      We are a ready-to-drink beverage company with a passion for creating refreshing low-calorie beverages and helping animals in need by donating a portion of every sale to shelters across Ontario. 

      Meet the Pawsitive Pack

      Brian Pawsitive Spirits

      Brian Moulder (Co-Founder) began his career as an animal advocate working in the humane society as an animal control officer, where he was exposed to the good, bad, and ugly side of animal care. For three years, Brian continued to care and foster numerous dogs and to this day continues to love and care for his yellow Labrador, Thor. After leaving the Humane Society, Brian followed his passion for distilling and promptly entered the alcohol industry. Brian’s talent for crafting and distilling spirits, liqueurs, alcoholic and non-alcoholic pre-mixed beverages championed his promotion from blender to Head of Production over the course of 6 months. Continuing to advocate for our four-legged friends, Brian co-founded Pawsitive Spirits to fulfill his dream of having a successful business that can give back to reputable animal organizations across Ontario and one day expand throughout North America.


      Gareth Pawsitive Spirits

      Gareth Imrie (Co-Founder) entered the alcohol industry as a Director of Operations and Production in the young start-up company, Ripshot, determined to shake up the Ready To Drink (RTD) industry by introducing tamper proof shots. Passionate for creating the perfect cocktail-to-go and sampling artisanal IPA craft beers, Gareth increased Ripshot’s product line from 1 to 8 in a matter of months with his expertise in distilling and blending alcohol. Gareth pivoted his efforts in 2020 as Covid-19 drastically changed the working landscape to focus on the RTD canning industry, where he has successfully crafted wine-spritzers (launching soon) and distilled spirits for 6+ clients in 5 short months. Outside of the warehouse, Gareth’s heart lays with his black Labrador, Maisey, one of three dogs he has grown up with during his lifetime. Combining his love of artisanal beverages and animals, the idea of Pawsitive Spirits was born. Gareth and his co-founder brought their vision to life by marrying their two passions of craft beverages and helping local animals in need.